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Porcelain Slab vs. Granite Stone for Kitchen Benches

Porcelain Slab vs. Granite Stone for Kitchen Benches

Porcelain Slab vs Granite Stone for Kitchen Benches

When it comes to choosing a material for kitchen benches and splashbacks, you have many options. Granite stone benchtops can be used to create a seamless look for your kitchen, porcelain offers sustainability and versatility in the kitchen and beyond. Lusso Stone’s porcelain slabs for countertops are 20-40% lower in cost than natural stone countertops. That makes us the number one choice for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast renovations.

Why Choose Porcelain Over Granite

You might be wondering: why would I choose porcelain slabs for countertops over a granite stone benchtop? Well, porcelain is a more sustainable material. Whilst granite stones are mined directly out of the earth, porcelain is manufactured through heating powdered minerals until they become clay, so it’s much easier on our planet.

Porcelain is also stronger than granite, as even the most durable granite is 30% less durable than porcelain. Porcelain is also less porous than most types of stone including granite which means they’ll keep their lustre longer without needing constant maintenance.

Uses of Kitchen Porcelain Slabs

If you’re looking for a smooth, seamless surface that will last decades, porcelain countertop slabs are the way to go. Their heat and scratch resistance makes them the ideal material for use, enabling you to cut up vegetables and meats directly on the surface without causing any damage. The non-absorbent property of porcelain means you can use your kitchen bench as a breakfast bar and enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying about any marks on your benchtop.

Lusso Stone’s range of kitchen porcelain slabs can be finished in 65 different colours and styles, meaning you can design a unique splashback that sets a unique tone for your kitchen space.

Porcelain: Affordable Luxury

The price tag tends to differ between porcelain and granite. Granite is more expensive than porcelain, mainly due to the high cost of its extraction as well as the high transportation cost associated with its weight. Being a lightweight material that is easily transported, porcelain provides you with luxury that doesn’t break the bank.

The elegant, veined appearance in Lusso Stone’s porcelain countertop slabs creates an affordable and life-like alternative to traditional granite stone.

Porcelain: A Sustainable Alternative to Granite

Porcelain slabs are made up of recycled materials and are lighter than granite stone, which makes them easier and more efficient to transport, which are both environmentally friendly factors that make this material preferable over marble. This renders porcelain slab countertop installation a much more environmentally sustainable process when compared to granite stone benchtops.

Porcelain is an incredibly versatile and beautiful material that has several uses in Brisbane kitchens. Call us today on 07 3607 3179 to discuss the installation of porcelain in your home or contact us online.

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