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Stone and Tile: Porcelain vs. Granite

Stone and Tile: Porcelain vs. Granite

Stone and Tile: Porcelain vs. Granite

Porcelain and granite are two of the most popular choices for stone or tile in homes. These materials are both durable, which means they will last a long time with proper care. Lusso Stone specialises in the fabrication of porcelain slabs designed to resemble granite stone and marble stone to create an elegant and luxurious finish in your Australian home.

Advantages of Porcelain Over Granite

Porcelain tiles are about 30% more durable than even the strongest granite. While granite is a very strong material and can last many years without breaking, it is also known to crack and chip more easily than porcelain. If you have kids or pets, installing porcelain slabs might make your life easier since you won’t have to worry about them causing damage by dragging their feet across the floor or scratching the countertops by accident.

Porcelain is More Versatile Than Granite Stone for Kitchen

Porcelain is the most versatile and forgiving material available for stone and tile, making it an ideal choice for any designer. The material can be cut and shaped with ease, which makes it easier to work with than granite.

Porcelain is also more flexible than granite, allowing you to create curved surfaces without worrying about cracking or chipping your tiles. Homeowners have taken this opportunity to install curved countertops for their kitchen, which is not possible with granite stone benchtops.

Porcelain can also be designed with specific textures, colours, patterns and sizes, and Lusso Stone has 65 different colours and finishes available. This means you can combine the strength and lightweight properties of porcelain with the appearance of granite stone if you would like the appearance of granite stone for kitchen or bathroom use.

Porcelain is Easier to Install

Porcelain stone and tiles are often thinner than other types of tiles because they are not as dense as natural stones. This makes them easier to install on walls or floors that aren’t perfectly flat without compromising the durability of your tile surface.

Porcelain is More Sustainable Than Granite

Porcelain is a type of ceramic material that is fired at extremely high temperatures. This firing process makes it stronger than other types of ceramics, but also means that the production process for porcelain requires less energy than the production process for granite.

Applications of Porcelain

Lusso Stone’s wide range of modular porcelain stone and tiles allows you the flexibility to work the material seamlessly into any room in your home, both indoors and outdoors. Owing to its durability and water resistance, porcelain is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, floors and backsplashes. Porcelain can also be used in the bathroom due to its low absorption qualities, meaning it is less likely to develop mould and mildew when compared to other materials.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen and you’re aiming for a marble stone design, look no further than Lusso Stone. We are the experts in granite stone benchtop alternatives. Contact us online today or call us on 07 3607 3179 now.

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