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What are the Design Alternatives to Grey Porcelain Slabs?

What are the Design Alternatives to Grey Porcelain Slabs?

What are the Design Alternatives to Grey Porcelain Slabs?

The porcelain slab is an exciting new design material that can be used to create several different effects. While grey has been the standard colour for porcelain, there are many other options available when selecting stone and tiles for your home. Lusso Stone’s concrete porcelain slabs can be customised with 65 different colours and finishes, allowing you to realise your vision in style. In this post, we talk about the popular design alternative to grey slabs.

Wood Effect Porcelain Slabs

When it comes to the design of your kitchen, bathroom or living room, you really are spoiled for choice. Through Lusso Stone’s ultra-thin slab technology, the wood effect porcelain slabs can mimic wood to achieve a desirable finish and colour for you.

Luxury Stone Effect Porcelain Slabs

The concrete porcelain slabs could also be fabricated and finished to mimic luxury stone, including a veined marble effect. You can achieve this effect by using porcelain tiles which imitate the look of individual stones or even use them on their own as they are available in many different sizes and shapes to suit any décor.

If you’d like something more subtle, there are also porcelain slabs that have a stone effect finish without being overly textured or rough looking like real stones. These can be glazed and styled in 65 different colours and finishes so that they’re perfect for modern homes with minimalistic design elements.

Concrete Porcelain Slabs

Stone and tiles are another alternative to the grey porcelain slabs appearance. The weight and cost of natural stone is often a reason why people decide not to have natural stone installed in their homes. This issue can be avoided using concrete porcelain slabs, which can be styled to the appearance of concrete, marble or granite whilst retaining the lightweight features of porcelain. This allows the material to be transported and installed easily.

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, design should never be an afterthought. Contact Lusso Stone today or call us on 07 3607 3179 and leave the hard work to us.

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